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Contact & Legal

Jens Oliver Meiert
22307 Hamburg

Email info@uitest.com
Telephone +1-754-400-0999

Responsible for site contents (but not for linked websites): Jens Oliver Meiert.


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Please send link suggestions and comments to info@uitest.com.

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Privacy Policy

Responsible for data protection, particularly around European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Jens Oliver Meiert.

Server Logs

The hosting provider of this website (ALL-INKL.COM) collects and stores some information transferred by your browser in so called server log files. This information includes:

We’ve signed a data processing agreement with ALL-INKL.COM, requiring ALL-INKL.COM to protect our users’ data and not hand over data to third parties.

The data are not combined or merged with other sources of data.

Processing of the data happens pursuant to Art. 6 ¶ 1 lit. f GDPR, allowing the processing of data for the purposes of contractual performance.

In the server statistics available to us, IP addresses are anonymized and all log files get deleted after 30 days.


This website provides a tool for website analysis, Site Check. Site Check stores no data (except for causing standard server log entries) but simply generates a list of links that you can use to further analyze the URL provided. Please refer to the privacy policies of respective external websites.